Our process

Nature-based Insights guide companies towards having a long-term positive impact on the environment and society. We apply the latest, cutting-edge scientific research to help them understand their impacts and dependencies, develop and implement a monitoring strategy, set targets, explore a portfolio of activities, and start implementing nature-based solutions within their supply chains (Figure 1). Our process is science-based, data-driven, scientifically robust, and grounded in decades of practical experience.


Process diagram

Figure 1 – The process: developing and implementing an analytical framework to assess, manage and report on environmental and social impacts will allow us to identify risks and opportunities along raw material value chains to direct the company’s investments towards net zero-aligned nature-positive investments, implemented in a socially just context.

Three phases

We conduct our work in three phases.

In Phase I, we conduct a qualitative assessment of the company’s supply chain impacts, and on that basis develop a roadmap for setting and achieving robust evidence-based targets for biodiversity and sustainable development goals. We then map and plan what is needed to consolidate the company’s existing datasets, and fill any gaps.

In Phase II, we collaborate with the company to implement the data gathering, scientific analysis and modelling laid out in the roadmap; this allows us to set quantitative targets for achieving net-zero, biodiversity net gain, and sustainable development goals.

In Phase III, we support the implementation of nature-based solutions within a company’s supply chains by working with local partners and we assist with the implementation of their monitoring plan. We explore existing projects that have potential as nature-based solutions, as well as opportunities for new projects.

Developing a strategy to meet commitments and requirements to address sustainable development goals – and to reduce associated risks – requires (i) a thorough understanding of a company’s impacts and dependencies on biodiversity, (ii) designing a monitoring strategy, and (iii) exploring a portfolio of nature-based solutions. We guide companies to develop a roadmap for setting targets and implement nature-based solutions to deliver benefits for biodiversity, society and the climate. This process is highly iterative and requires the establishment of systems to routinely collect biodiversity data through close collaboration with producers.